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Shortened URLs

You know, I find it very intriguing that most tweets we see come out tend to use shortened URL’s as opposed to the original… it intrigues me because twitter can be a powerful resource to enhance the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a site but is far more effective for things such as page rank if the actual website domain is used.  Some may say, “the original URL is just too long” or “I want to target a specific page off of the main page.”  These are valid concerns and certainly shortened URL’s have made getting people to the right place a lot quicker and easier… but could we draw people to our root domains?  If we are focused on SEO as seriously as we talk about, we probably have numerous domains that help enhance our web presence anyway right?  So if you can, you might begin thinking about how frequently you could be including the actual domain of your site when linking.

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